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What is the cabin air filter and when should you replace it | Easy 7 steps guide

Do you realize how crucial the cabin air filter is? You must therefore learn how should replace it. Your car must be in good working order, be clean, and well-ventilated in order for you to enjoy a comfortable trip. Thank goodness there are automotive parts that make the ride more enjoyable by providing fresh air inside. The cabin air filter is a part of this automobile. 

Through ventilation, cooling, and heating, it is in charge of purifying the air that enters the car’s cabin. However, the cabin air filter requires maintenance or replacement just like any other auto component.

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What is the cabin air filter?

The majority of us are aware that the engine in our car has an air filter. However, did you know that the HVAC, or ventilation, heating, and air conditioning, system in the car also has one? The cabin air filter is what it is called. It serves the HVAC system in the same capacities as the engine air filter.

Pollen, dust, and other airborne contaminants that make the entire trip uncomfortable are all removed by the cabin air filter, especially if you have respiratory issues or allergies. The cabin air filter’s primary function is to purify the air that enters the cabin of the vehicle.

How does it work?

Clean air is required for the vehicle to function correctly. The car’s engine filter makes sure that only pristine air enters the engine. The ventilation system of the car operates in the same manner. It maintains a constant flow of pure air.

In addition to keeping dirt, exhaust fumes, and bacteria from contaminating the HVAC system, it filters dust and pollen from the system. The cabin air filter is essential for maintaining clean air within. It maintains the air clean for the residents and passengers to breathe.

How to replace the cabin air filter?

You must first locate the cabin air filter in your car before changing it. Depending on the car model, cabin air filters can be found in several places. By taking out the glove box and releasing it from the fasteners, you can easily reach the numerous cabin air filters that are located at the back of the glove box.

Here is a step-by-step instruction for replacing your cabin air filter if it is located at the rear of the glove box.

Step 1:

  • Remove the contents of the glove box after opening it.

Step 2:

  • Slide the limiting stop off the pin to remove it. The limiting stop arm is located on the glove box’s right side.

Step 3:

  • Grab the glove box’s front and back. To release the side clamps, squeeze them toward one another. Drop the entire glove box to the ground once the sides are already unfastened. You’ll be able to see the faceplate for the cabin air filter channel as a result.

Step 4:

Slide the faceplate out of the way by lifting the side latches. The filter container will be opened. The old cabin filter should now be removed. Take caution not to contaminate the car with dirt, garbage, or dust. Keep an eye on which way the arrows are pointing when you remove the cabin air filter. It depicts the direction of the airflow.

Step 5:

  • Clean the filter chamber first, then inspect the gaskets and seals, before replacing the cabin air filter. Clean any stray impurities from the filter chamber by vacuuming it and wiping it down with a moist cloth. Check the gaskets and seals to see if they also require replacement.

Step 6:

Ensure that the new air cabin filter you install is an exact replacement for the old one. Make sure the arrows are pointing in the same way as the previous filter you removed by checking it twice. Put the new filter in place.

Step 7:

  • Replace the faceplate after making sure the current filter is in place. The glove box should then be repositioned. Reinstall the limiting stop after that, then reassemble the glove box.

*Not as easily accessible as the ones in the back of the glove box, some cabin air filters are found under the hood or dashboard. Always consult the owner’s handbook before changing the air filters for your own safety.

What is the right time to change cabin air filter? 

The cabin air filter should be replaced every year or after every 12,000 kilometers. However, changing the cabin air filter also depends on where you drive, such as whether you frequently go through extremely polluted areas or on dusty, unpaved roads.

If so, you must replace the cabin air filter every 5,000 kilometers. Owners of cars who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions may also want to change the oil more frequently in order to maintain the quality of the air and to decrease the symptoms of their allergies or respiratory conditions

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