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Exhibit A: Scope of Services – On-Site Fleet Maintenance

On-Site Fleet Maintenance

1. On-Site Service Convenience:

  • We bring our fully equipped mobile units directly to your location, minimizing downtime and disruption to your operations.
  • No need to schedule trips to a maintenance shop, saving you valuable time and resources.

2. Comprehensive Maintenance:

  • We offer the same services as a traditional shop but at your doorstep. This includes:
    • Oil changes and filter replacements
    • Tire rotations and balancing
    • Brake inspections and replacements (pads and rotors)
    • Battery testing and replacement
    • Fluid level checks and top-offs (coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid)
    • Belt and hose inspections
    • Headlight and taillight inspections
    • Wiper blade replacements
    • Scheduled maintenance based on manufacturer recommendations and mileage intervals
    • Multi-point inspections to identify potential issues
    • Service recommendations to prevent breakdowns and extend vehicle life
  • Additional Services (if applicable):
    • Diagnostics and troubleshooting of mechanical and electrical issues
    • Repairs to engines, transmissions, brakes, suspension, steering, electrical systems, and other components (may require additional equipment or parts)
    • Mobile tire sales and installation (may require additional equipment or partnerships)

3. Flexibility and Customization:

  • We work with you to tailor a maintenance plan that fits your specific needs and schedule.
  • We can perform services during off-peak hours or weekends to minimize impact on your daily operations.

4. Communication and Reporting:

  • We keep you informed throughout the service process, providing clear estimates and updates.
  • We offer detailed maintenance reports for each vehicle, ensuring transparent record-keeping.

5. Experienced Technicians and Quality Parts:

  • Our team consists of highly skilled and certified technicians, ensuring top-quality workmanship.
  • We use high-quality parts and materials to guarantee reliable and long-lasting repairs.

6. Safety and Environmental Responsibility:

  • We prioritize safety by adhering to strict safety protocols and regulations.
  • We utilize eco-friendly practices and dispose of waste responsibly, minimizing our environmental impact.

7. Client Responsibilities:

  • Provide a safe and accessible work area for our mobile units.
  • Secure necessary permits or permissions for on-site service if required.
  • Make available any relevant vehicle maintenance history or manuals.
  • Authorize any additional repairs or services not covered under the Agreement.
  • Promptly pay all fees and invoices.

This Scope of Services is a starting point and can be further customized to meet your specific fleet maintenance needs.

Remember to adjust the specific services offered, technician expertise, and environmental commitment to reflect your company’s capabilities and values

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