Terms and Conditions


The Customer understands and agrees that if they cancel or are otherwise unavailable for MOMS Mobile Oil Change service appointment in circumstances where less than 24-hours notice is provided, that a one-time cancellation fee of $29.99 will be billed to my account or credit card. Should circumstances arise where the vehicle is unavailable for service, or the customer is unreachable upon arrival of MOMS Mobile Oil Change designated technician, a $15.99 late fee will apply immediately. Should the customer remain unreachable their booked appointment, they will be canceled 15-minutes after the scheduled appointment time with the full late fee and cancellation fee chargeable.

The Customer understands and agrees that in rare circumstances beyond the control of MOMS Mobile Oil Change (such as extreme weather, motor vehicle collisions, absent employees, etc), MOMS Mobile Oil Change appointment may be cancelled with limited notice in which case no fees shall be owed or payable by either party.

The Customer understands and agrees hereby understand and agree to have their vehicle prepared for service 15-minutes prior to the scheduled service appointment; meaning that the term “prepared for service” constitutes parking the vehicle in a safe, low traffic location with the vehicles engine and hood facing outward, unobstructed, and easily accessible.

MOMS Mobile Oil Change provides services exclusively on locations where the customers have the consent of the property owner or manager to operate. The customer understands this term and agrees to have arranged all necessary permissions required to service the vehicle in the location it will be parked at the time specified above. The Customer understands that failure to arrange these permissions may result in MOMS Mobile Oil Change being removed from the service location mid-service rendering the customer’s vehicle disabled and cancellation fees will apply should this be the case.

The Customer understands and agrees that the vehicle keys shall only be distributed to the individual who provides them to the technician, and understands that they will not have access to the interior of vehicle while it is being serviced and while the keys are in the possession of the MOMS Mobile Oil Change technician.


No guarantee is provided that problems with vehicle components outside of the ordered service will be identified or addressed. By using our service, the customer agrees that MOMS Mobile Oil Change LLC will not be held liable for vehicle problems outside the scope of the ordered service. Vehicle components outside the scope of service that malfunction following service are the sole responsibility of the customer. MOMS Mobile Oil Change LLC is not liable for any damage or injury resulting from accident or malfunction of safety or control systems.


We do not provide inspections that are equivalent to state inspections or SMOG inspections. Obtaining any inspection through MOMS Mobile Oil Change LLC does not indicate that your vehicle would pass a state inspection or a SMOG inspection.

The Customer understands and agrees that MOMS Mobile Oil Change takes no responsibility for valuables or other personal property stored inside the vehicle while it is being serviced. The customer understands that MOMS Mobile Oil Change technician will be working underneath and around the car, and the belongings inside the car may not be supervised at all times. Customers understand that it is their responsibility to ensure valuables and personal property have been removed from vehicle prior to MOMS Mobile Oil Change service.

The Customer understands and agrees that unless otherwise requested by the vehicle owner, MOMS Mobile Oil Change will service vehicle in accordance with the vehicle’s manufacturer requirements. This includes the use specified oils and filters as they are applicable to various manufacturer guidelines and standards. The Customer understands and agrees that should they request the MOMS Mobile Oil Change technician utilize a lower grade of oil or part than recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, that the customer is responsible for any immediate and or future ramifications such as premature engine wear from the use of conventional oil in a vehicle requiring synthetic oil.

The Customer understands and agrees that all vehicles powered by internal combustion engines consume some quantity of engine oil by design, and that engine oil level should be monitored at regular intervals by the vehicle owner. The Customer understands and agrees that MOMS Mobile Oil Change does not make any estimations concerning oil consumption rate when providing oil change service interval recommendations.