How Great Content Drives Your Mobile Oil Change Website’s Success

Did you know that 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on their website? 

This means the more material you make available for your customers and prospects, the more they’ll want to do business at your oil change shop. 
Filling up your business’s website with superb content to draw more customers and drive stronger sales is called content marketing. Today, we’re going to address exactly what content marketing is and provide some great tips on how you can master your content strategy this year. 


Think about the last time you went to a business website or read a news article. Your brain is already so used to surfing websites that you probably ignored their banners, flashy advertisements, slogans, etc. What your brain did lock onto was the reason you clicked that link in the first place, the informative material you’re interested in. 


Because you, like every other digital consumer, understand where the important stuff is – the content. Your website visitors and social media followers are the same. In order to keep their interest and garner more respect for your oil change shop, you should develop and implement a powerful content strategy ASAP. 


Most of content marketing strategies for oil change shops revolve around blogs, articles, and detailed resource guides. These posts can cover a vast range of helpful topics for your readers, making you a local leader in your industry. With the right amount of insightful content, you can become a respected voice across your region or even worldwide. 

The average blog post has a 6 to 13 word title and ideally ranges from 500-1000 words in length. If  your content is unique (not plagiarized from another website!) and written in a way your readers find engaging and useful, you could see immediate results. In fact, small businesses with blogs report 126 percent more lead growth than small businesses without a blog. 

Some topics your readers will love could include:

  • 5 Maintenance Tips for Older Cars
  • How Often Should You Change Your Oil?
  • The Best Oil Brands for Your Truck in 2021
  • The Reason Your Car Keeps Losing Oil
  • How to Prevent Engine Sludge
  • Get Ready for Winter Driving
  • Changing the Oil in Your Motorcycle

However, content isn’t all about blogs and articles. Great content also includes:

  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Instructional resources for vehicle upkeep and maintenance
  • Email content as part of your Customer Relationship Marketing strategies
  • Videos of you and your crew working in your garage
  • Memes and gifs 

If  you mix things up and consistently deliver quality content, your website visitors will always have something new to
read, watch, and enjoy. As a result, your site will get more attention and your oil change shop will see the benefits of more new customers, and increased tickets..

Hopefully this post has helped you understand exactly how great content can be a difference maker for your online success. At Castrol, we’re proud to help oil change shops, just like yours, become the master of your domains and grow your business week after week. For more insightful  tips and info, head over to the Castrol Insider resource hub!

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